UPSC 2018: 5 Easy Tips for IAS Prelims Preparation Read complete details here.

Tips for IAS Prelims Preparation

The notification for UPSC Civil Services Examination 2018 is out. The Civil Service Prelims exam is scheduled on the 3rd of June 2018. There is not much time left for you- theTips for IAS Prelims Preparation

aspirants to clear the first hurdle in achieving your dream of becoming a civil servant. The Civil Service Exam is one of the most challenging exams in the country. The preparation requires a lot of hard work, determination and consistency. By analysing the UPSC question papers of the recent past, it is very evident that the current affairs portion has gained more prominence in the questions asked. There is a shift of focus from the static part to the current affairs part.

It is natural for an aspirant to have questions like “How to prepare?”, “Which sources to refer?”, “How to make notes?”. Here are five easy tips to prepare for the IAS prelims 2018.

1. Take the exam seriously:

It is essential that you are serious about the examination. Since the Civil Services has become the most sought-after career in India, there will be a huge number of candidates appearing for the examination. Among 5 lakhs candidates, only 15 thousand make it to the mains examination and finally, only the top 900-1000 candidates are recommended by the UPSC for recruitment into the services.

2. Cover all the standard books:

Prepare a standard book list to cover the entire UPSC syllabus. Do some research on which books you are comfortable with and prepare a final list of books to be followed. Read these books multiple times instead of reading the same topic from multiple different books. It will surely yield better results.

3. Cover current affairs thoroughly:

UPSC preparation requires an aspirant to be well abreast with the current happenings and have a good general awareness. In the recent times, the questions in the UPSC preliminary examination have shifted the focus from static syllabus to current affairs. The questions from the static syllabus also have an influence of the current events. In such a scenario, current affairs preparation becomes an integral part of the IES Prelims Preparation.

4. Use the internet judiciously:

Various websites post content to help the UPSC aspirants in their preparations. In-depth analysis of the issues in news, related to the UPSC syllabus is made available on such websites. Questions posted on such websites would also help the aspirant in practising, solving questions in a timed manner and also arriving at the final answer by the method of elimination. Nevertheless, it is important to make it a point not to excessively rely on the internet and waste your time browsing various websites. Stick to a few and give ample time for revision.

5. CSAT preparation

In order to qualify for the Mains exam, one has to qualify both General Studies Paper 1 and CSAT paper of the Civil Services Prelims. Though CSAT is just a qualifying paper, one has to score minimum marks of 66 out of 200, this paper should not be neglected. Make it a point to have a look at the previous year question papers and also solve a few model question papers just so that it becomes easier to complete the paper in 2 hours.

IAS prelims is the first hurdle to leap over in the pursuit of your dreams of becoming a civil servant. Stay focused and determined, consistency will help you sail through this first hurdle with not much difficulty. IAS prelims preparation is a journey in itself, ensure that this journey transforms you into a better individual and a better citizen, success is sure to follow!

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