SSB Interview Preparation 2018 Tips for Qualifying SSB NDA Exam. SSB NDA Stage 1 & 2 tips to qualify SSB Interview that goanna really help in Exams we have included some do’s & don’t . SSB Selection Procedure how to prepare yourself so that you qualify in Interview stage 1 & 2, some important books are listed that are useful if you buy from link given below. SSB Study Materials is one of most your first step toward SSB Preparation along with preparation tips. We’ve uploaded SSB Previous year Question Papers so you prepare yourself best during preparation.

What is SSB and How hard to Qualify Interview

If you want to make carrier in Indian Army or Navy, Air Force your first method is to qualify through Entrance exams such as NDA & NA Entrance test, CDSE, AFCAT even more. Now Second method is to appear through SSB Interview after that call letter will be assigned if you qualify those rounds. SSB Interviews are mainly conducted by Services Selection Board offers selection in Indian Army, Navy, Air Force. If you want to make carrier in Indian Army or Navy your first step is to qualify SSB Interview. SSB Interview is long procedure and it’s conducted up to five days, which includes screening test, Personality test, Intelligence test, Psychology test. We have complete guide on SSB Cracking Top 10 tips here.

SSB NDA Preparation

SSB Interview Selection Procedure 2018

SSB Interview Selection process will be divided in to two parts i.e. Stage 1 & Stage 2. Candidates have to qualify both the test such as Stage 1 must be Qualified so that you’re eligible for Stage 2.

Stage 1: Stage 1 is known as screening test. This is your first Stage which will consist of OIR (Officer Intelligence rating) & PP&DT (Picture Perception & Description Test). Candidates will be shortlisted further on basis of OIR test & PP&DT score.

Stage 2: This is second step, which will consist of Phycology test, Group Testing Officer, Personal Interview for a period of four days respectively.

SSB 5 Days Selection Procedure

This is the first day when you reached over venue called as reporting day, followed by document verification and Form filling [PIQ Forms]. You must report this place earlier if it’s first time when you reporting to Moment Control Office. For some days screening day and reporting day are tied up same day please refer the call letter before you reach the place.

SSB Preparation 2018

Stage I: SSB Screening Test: Screening process is to pick up candidates and verify their potential-ness of candidates who are reported for particular entry.

Intelligence Test: It will be comprises of verbal and non-verbal questions. Question papersSSB Intelligence preparation 2018
will be based on multiple-choice questions; time allotted for each question will be 30 seconds. After you perform this test you’ll be given some rest to proceed for PPDT.

PPDT Test: This test is based on story writing and discussion. Question will be based on picture will be shown SSB PP and DT interview preparationso candidates have to write story based on picture within 3 minutes. After this test you will be given some rest for about 2.5 to 3 hours and lunch too. Based on potential level you will be selected further for next stage.

Stage II: This is the main stage were actual battle start, loosing stage 2 will be painful for you. So candidates prepared best can fulfill you dream to get selected in Indian Army.

Physiological Test: This test were most of candidates fails, it’s used to check psychological ability of candidate to become an officer. The most important thing is time how you mange time between crucial test discussed below.

Thematic Apperception Test (TAT): It’s called as picture of Story writing very much similar to PPDT test.

World Association Test (WAT): In this test 60 words will be shown to you for a period of 15 seconds, in this you are required to write sentence that come first in your mind.

Situation Reaction Test (SRT): In this 60 questions will be given based on that write your responses for particular situation within specific time.

Self-Description Test (SD): In this candidates have to write their own opinion about themselves, parents, friend’s, teachers & others, total time will be allocated will be 15 minutes.

Group Testing Officer: This test is considered to judge your performance level, candidates must remember most of task in the series are group task. You must support your group members my experience must familiar and not to compete with them.

Group Discussion: In this round certain question regarding current affairs are required to discuss. They are expected to discuss the issue regarding various aspects of that issue.SSB Group Discussion

During Group Discussions remind and focus on this things:

  • Maintain your body posture.
  • While writing or after completion don not look at officer.
  • Don’t argue with them, allow them to speak.
  • Maintain eye contact between them.
  • Enough strong speaking quality mainly help in group discussions.

Group Planning Exercise (GPE): Each candidate has to wrote planning for mentioned problem, all the group  members required to discuss the problem and have to come with common consensus. Most common planning about issue regarding with help of pointer and map.

Progressive Group Task (PGT): This test is regarding fitness, you are required to perform some fitness test such as rope, plan, wood log, etc. It is conducted within certain group of activity.

Half Group Task (HGT): It is familiar with PGT but the number of group members will be  half, you will be get some more power based to show your performance potential.


Individual Obstacle Task (IOT): In this task you are required to attempt 10 obstacles individually.

SSB Individual obstacle test

Command Task: wow this was the day i’m waiting; especially all candidates are required to perform some test with help of two to three subordinates. You have to choose some group members who will help you to clear the obstacles.

SSB Command Task test

Snake Race/ Group Obstacle Race: All the group members suppose group 1 of specific candidates will compete with group 2 members. There are certain rules like all other tasks, it’s a kind of race among different groups, its going to be more fun.

Lecturette: In this round candidate have to give a lecture for about 3 minutes   on a selected topic.

SSB lecturette test

Final Group Task (FGT): Its same as PGT, candidates have a chance to show their potential level of your skills.

SSB FGT test

Personal Interview: SSB Interview question along with answers that will have in assessment of candidate. Some tips how to face interviewer, resume skills, etc. More chance to show your skills its a major concern to show your talent that will help you to get selected.

Candidates while going to Interview have to bring original documents, once get selected original documents must be produced after qualifying SSB interview. The following documents will be returned after verification are as follows:

  1. Matriculation+2 or any Equivalent Mark sheet form an y recognized university.
  2. 10 Passport size photograph.
  3. Official Call letter.

Conference: This is easy task, you have to face general question regarding how was your stay, what you learn, etc such type of questions. All assessors collectively decide your stability its hardly goes for two to three minutes of test.

SSB Conference interviewround

SSB Preparation 2018

SSB NDA Preparation 2018 must be well organized and planned. Interested candidates should prepare all topics according to SSB Syllabus & Exam pattern.

Tips to Prepare for SSB Interview

Confidence: All the dear candidates must have enough confidence to face all th situations and positive frame of mind. You have to believe yourself and maintain your weak points.

Analyze Yourself: You have to improve your writing skills, some personality you have to consider while facing interview before you go for interview. You must be faithful with all friends as you are required to stay with your group members, this will help in lecturette round.

Stay Fit: You must be healthier to perform all physical activities with ease. Good health will help to qualify your medical test. Stamina building and five minutes’ walk can help you too.

SSB Interview test

SSB NDA Study Materials 2018

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