10 Things to Know While Preparing for a Bank Job in 2018. Aspirants here are provided with Tips for Preparing Bank Job in 2018. They can check and understand the preparation tips for a bank job.

10 Things to Know While Preparing for a Bank Job in 2018

Preparing for a Bank Job

It is very well-known fact that the banking sector in India has been increasing rapidly day by day. The zeal and zest for candidates to secure a job in the banking sector has been increased. This has raised the competition levels and getting a job in the banking sector has become very tough.

How to Prepare for Bank Exams without Coaching

The recent demonetization and the digital India program has increased the importance of the banking sectors as the recent government policies has necessitated the establishment of rural banks and also the establishment of new branches in various areas of the country. The initiative of the modi government has linked all villages and the people started linked with the services of banks. Hence there is a huge requirement for the employers in the banking sector. The nature of the job and the security it provides attracted many people to apply for jobs in the banking sector.

Owing to the increased interest of the candidates the competition has also raised a lot and the exams nature has grown tougher. The candidates to clear such tough exams should prepare accordingly and they need to be well determined to crack the examination.

It is not only about the exam but also the interview determines whether you get a job or not in a bank. Hence the candidates need to prepare for the interview also. The interview is something which is tough nut to crack. None can predict what sort of questions will be fired in the interview. Hence candidates need to be well prepared with all required material n prior. Here we discuss some Things to Know While Preparing for a Bank Job. The question analysis of interview and written examination, interview tips, banking knowledge and nations financial news and economy are the areas where one needs to focus in if he/she really aspires for a banking job seriously. To help the candidates with their preparation here we provide 10 Things to Know While Preparing for a Bank Job.

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Tips for Preparing Bank Job 2018

Candidates mainly need to understand the following 10 things while preparing for a job in banking sector

#1 What are banks and their functions

Banking has been defined as “Accepting for the purpose of lending & investment, of deposit of money from the public, repayable on demand order or otherwise and withdraw able by cheque, draft or otherwise.”The main functions of banks are accepting deposit and lending loans to its customers.The banks are the institutions that save money and lend money and are responsible for the monetary circulation in the market

#2 Types of banks

Banking sector is very large and the chain of banking sector is very complicated and it s of many types. Candidates need to know the different kinds of financial institutions and should learn what work they do in In general there are three types of banks and they are central banks, retail banks, and investment banks.There are also sub branches to each of the branch like commercial banks etc, The candidates who are serious to get job n the banking sector should prepare with all types of banking and their functions in particular. Preparation guide for Bank Exam 2018 in India, complete information on Bank Exam 2018 Preparation is detailed here.

#3 Divisions in banking sector:

The most important sectors in banking sector are the public sector, the private sector and the foreign sector banks. Public sector banks are the stepping-stones into the banking industry. The private sector is more technologically advanced and offers better pay. Foreign banks are the most sought-after because of their attractive salary packages, job profiles and opportunities and it deals with Forex.

#5 What job in banks?

Like any other organization govt. owned banks also has many positions & eligibility conditions, job profile, salary etc., differs for each.But for a fresher there are only 3 avenues.They are

  • Clerk or Single window operator (SWO)
  • Probationary Officer
  • Specialist Officer

#6 Scope of the banking sector:

The candidates need to know the nature and scope of the banking sector. The foreign trade and internal trade and the cash less transactions increased the scope of the banking sectors and candidates need to know the scope of bank jobs and its relation with other sectors. The complete details on how to start prepartion for bank exam without coaching and how to start practising at home and claer it within two to three months.

#7 Expanding nature of the banks:

The candidates who aspire to get a job in the banking sector needs to the vast expanding nature of banking sector and should analyse the reasons for the expansion of the banking sector. They should get to know the measures to cope up with the increasing nature of the work.

About IBPS Recruitment 2018

IBPS is the abbreviated form for Institute of Banking Personnel Selection which is an autonomous agency in India. It started its operation in 1975 as Personnel Selection Services. In 1984, IBPS became an independent entity at the behest of Reserve Bank of India and Public Sector Banks. It’s much easier for you to get a reputable bank job now because the entire banking sector recruitment process has been centralized by the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS). A common entrance test is conducted across the country to select suitable candidates for various banks in India after qualifying; you will get a chance to go through various recruitments in different nationalized as well as scheduled banks. In addition to IBPS, SSC also conducts examinations and it is mandatory for candidates to know the details of the examination.

#9 National banking policies and economic development:

candidates need to know various banking policies and certain terminologies in particular like repo rates, reverse repo rates and statutory cash ratio and etc. It is essential for candidates to know about the Reserve bank of India and all other regulatory bodies.

#10 The role of banking sector in national development:

Candidates need to analyse the importance of the banking sector in building a strong nation. They should articulate the role of the banking sector in national development. The recent merger of State Bank of Bikaner, State bank of Jaipur, Hyderabad, Mysore, Travancore and Bharatiya Mahila Bank in State Bank of India has led to increased number of recruitment in banking sector not only for experienced professionals as well as graduates from college. The Financial Inclusion has come to the forefront and is playing a vital role in bridging the gap between the rich and the poor. Formal banking institutions carry out the task of financial inclusion as a social responsibility and also create business opportunities such as organizing self-help groups, providing employment among the less privileged sections of society, etc. The introduction of government schemes such as Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna has taken banking services to rural locations in India with the opening of nearly 12 crore accounts.

The National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development (NABARD) aims to promote sustainable and equitable development. The initiative owned fully by government and RBI has promising career opportunities as well. Candidates need to analyze the importance of the banking sector in the national development.

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