Download OPSC Exam Calendar 2018-19. Download timetable of Odisha PSC for the academic year 2018-2019 along with the official notification.

OPSC Exam Calendar 2018-2019

Odisha public service commission is the institution in the state which is responsible forOPSC exam calendar recruiting candidates to the state service sector jobs. This is good news that the Odisha PSC calendar 2018-19 has been released by the OPSC for all the major exams to be held in the year 2018-2019. The calendar would help candidates in deciding their preparation schedule and planning accordingly. The OPSC 2018 carries dates of advertisements, application submission, preliminary and main exams and interviews. Hence we provide here the OPSC Exam Calendar 2018-19 to help the aspiring candidates and candidates can download it from this website.

OPSC Exam Dates 2018

The OPSC is responsible for conduction of exams and fill vacancies in various departments of public sector of Odisha state. An information regarding all the exams this year is enclosed in the year calendar named OPSC Calendar 2018 has been released.The Odisha Public Service Commission was constituted on 1st April, 1949 after it’s bifurcation from the former Bihar and Odisha Joint Public Service Commission. At the time of creation of the Odisha Public Service Commission, the strength of the Commission were three including Chairman. The strength increased to five in the year 1979 and further increased to six in the year 1996.

SL.NOADVT.NOName of The Post / ServiceDate of Written ExamDate of Interview
111 of 2017-18Odisha Civil Services Preliminary Examination-201718.02.2018
206 of 2017-18Post Graduate Teacher14.01.2018
312 of 2016-17Asst. Public Prosecutor20.08.201720.10.2017 to 10.11.2017
409 of 2016-17Special Recruitment to the Posts of Veterinary Asst. Surgeons22.09.2017 & 23.09.2017
510 of 2016-17Asst. Proffessor(Speciality)Written Exam Will be held on 14.10.2017
611 of 2016-17Insurance Medical OfficerWritten Exam Will be held on 15.10.2017
704 of 2017-18Odisha Jucial Service-2017Main Written Exam held from 04.09.2017 to 07.09.2017
8Advt. No. 14 of 15/16,
Advt. No. 20 of 15/16,
Advt. No. 21 of 15/16
Asst. Conservator of Forest Forest Ranger & Forest Ranger (Special Drive)Physical Test will be held from 03.08.2017 to 05.08.2017Viva Voce Test will be held from 04.09.2017.
908 of 2016-17Clinical Psychologists04.08.2017
1004 of 2017-18OJS-2017 Preliminary Examination02.07.2017
1105 of 2013-14Lecturer in Logic and Philosophy05.07.2017
1208 of 2012-13Asst. Section OfficerSkill Test in respect of 10 Candidates held on 19.05.2017
1315 of 2015-16Asst. Law Officer28.05.2017 to 31.05.2017
1405 of 2016-17Public ProsecutorDeferred
1512 of 2015-16Sr. Teacher Educator01.06.2017 to 07.06.2017
1604 of 2016-17Insp. of Motor Vehicle, Asst. R.T.O.(Enforcement) and Asst. Works Engineer04.06.2017
1708 of 2016-17Psychiatric Social Worker16.05.2017
1809 of 2016-17Special Recruitment to the Posts of Veterinary Asst. Surgeons23.04.2017
1901 of 2016-17Odisha Civil Service Main Examination-201621.03.2017 to 18.04.2017
2003 of 2016-17Odisha Judicial Service Examination-2016w.e.f 23.02.2017
2106 of 2013-14Jr. Lecturer in Odiaw.e.f 03.03.2017
2222 of 2015-16Ayurvedic Medical Officer29.01.2017
2323 of 2015-16Homoeopathic Medical Officer29.01.2017
2407 of 2015-16Asst. Director in OSES Cadre28.01.2017 & 29.01.2017
2510 of 2015-16Spl. Recruitment of Asst. Director in OSES Cadre28.01.2017 & 29.01.2017
2608 of 2015-16Odisha Civil Service Examination – 2015 Personality Test08.12.2016 – 22.12.2016 (1st Phase)
02.01.2017 – 02.02.2017(2nd Phase)
2707 of 2016-17Medical Officer(Asst. Surgeon)18.12.2016
2801 of 2016-17Odisha Civil Service Preliminary Examination-201627.11.2016
2901 of 2015-16Lecturer in Diff. Disciplines of Govt. Homoeopathic Medical College20.11.2016
30Advt. No. 14 of 15/16,
Advt. No. 20 of 15/16,
Advt. No. 21 of 15/16
Asst. Conservator of Forest Forest Ranger & Forest Ranger (Special Drive)21.09.2016 to 01.10.2016
3103 of 2016-17Odisha Judicial Service Examination-2016Main Exam will be held from 23.10.2016 onwards

Preliminary Exam held on 04.09.2016

3202 of 2016-17Asst. Fisheries Officer16.09.2016 & 17.09.2016
3308 of 2012-13Asst. Section OfficerSkill Test in respect of 100 Candidates held on 04.09.2016
3419 of 2016-17Asst. Architect29.8.2016
3508 of 2012-13Asst. Section OfficerSkill Test held on 21.08.2016
3617 of 2015-16Asst. Professor in Surgery22.8.2016
3715 of 2015-16Asst. Professor in Surgery22.8.2016
3815 of 2015-16Asst. Professor in Oral Pathology & Microbiology02.08.2016
3915 of 2015-16Asst. Professor in Oral Maxillofacial Surgery02.08.2016
4013 of 2015-16Asst. Soil Conservation Officer08.08.2016 to 19.08.2016
4115 of 2015-16Asst. Professor in Dentistry02.08.2016
4205 of 2013-14Lecturer in Computer Science08.08.2016 to 10.08.2016
4317 of 2015-16Asst. Professor in Dentistry26.07.2016
4417 of 2015-16Asst. Professor in Medicine29.07.2016
4515 of 2015-16Asst. Professor in Medicine29.07.2016
4615 of 2015-16Asst. Professor in Community Dentistry26.07.2016
4715 of 2015-16Asst. Professor in Pedodontics & Preventive Dentistry28.07.2016
4817 of 2015-16Asst. Professor in Pathology15.07.2016
4915 of 2015-16Asst. Professor in Periodontics15.07.2016
5006 of 2013-14Jr. Lecturer in Zoology11.07.2016 to
5105 of 2013-14Lecturer in Sanskrit in OES(College Branch)20.07.2016 to
5217 of 2015-16Asst. Professor in Paediatrics05.07.2016
5315 of 2015-16Asst. Professor in Prosthodontics04.07.2016
5417 of 2015-16Asst. Professor in Cardiology28.06.2016
5517 of 2015-16Asst. Professor in TBCD28.06.2016
5617 of 2015-16Asst. Professor in Physiology29.06.2016
5715 of 2015-16Asst. Professor in ENT29.06.2016
5815 of 2015-16Asst. Professor in Physiology29.06.2016
5917 of 2015-16Asst. Professor in Bio Chemistry01.07.2016
6017 of 2015-16Asst. Professor in Micro Biology01.07.2016
6106 of 2013-14Jr. Lecturer in Psychology in OES (Group-B)28.06.2016 to
6206 of 2013-14Jr. Lecturer in Physics in OES (Group-B)20.06.2016 to
6306 of 2013-14Jr. Lecturer in Mathematics in OES (Group-B)20.06.2016 to
6405 of 2013-14Lecturer in ODIA in OES(College Branch)20.06.2016
6515of 2015-16Asst. Professor in O.&G.25.06.2016
6617of 2015-16Asst. Professor in O.&G.25.06.2016
6715of 2015-16Asst. Professor in Orthopaedic Surgery27.06.2016
6817of 2015-16Asst. Professor in Orthopaedic Surgery27.06.2016
6903 of 2014-15Odisha Education Service (School Branch)held on 27.06.2015 & 28.06.201520.05.2016 to 06.06.2016
7015of 2015-16Asst. Professor in Anesthesiology30.05.2016
7117of 2015-16Asst. Professor in Anesthesiology30.05.2016
7215of 2015-16Asst. Professor in FMT & Psychiatry31.05.2016
7317of 2015-16Asst. Professor in FMT & Psychiatry31.05.2016
7415of 2015-16Asst. Professor in Pharmacology01.06.2016
7517of 2015-16Asst. Professor in Pharmacology01.06.2016
7615of 2015-16Asst. Professor in S.P.M.02.06.2016
7717of 2015-16Asst. Professor in S.P.M.02.06.2016
7815of 2015-16Asst. Professor in Transfusion Medicine , Anatomy03.06.2016
7917of 2015-16Asst. Professor in Transfusion Medicine, Anatomy03.06.2016
8015of 2015-16Asst. Professor in Neurosurgery04.06.2016
8117of 2015-16Asst. Professor in Neurosurgery04.06.2016
8217 of 2013-14Tourist Officerheld on 30.08.201507.06.2016
8315of 2015-16Asst. Professor in Radio-Diagnosis09.06.2016
8417of 2015-16Asst. Professor in Radio-Diagnosis09.06.2016
8505 of 2013-14Lecturer in Library Science in OES(College Branch)10.06.2016
8615of 2015-16Asst. Professor in Paediatrics11.05.2016
8715of 2015-16Asst. Professor in Paediatric Surgery29.04.2016
8812 of 2015-16Senior Teacher Educator17.04.2016
8908 of 2015-16Odisha Civil Services Examination-2015Preliminary Examination held on 08.11.2015
Main Written of Compulsory Papers will be held on 5th, 6th & 7thFebruary, 2016
Optional Papers held from 18.04.2016 to 08.05.2016
9005 of 2013-14Lecturer in Geography in OES(College Branch)w.e.f.19.04.2016
9115of 2015-16Asst. Professor in Cardiology18.04.2016
9218 of 2015-16Medical Officer(Asst. Surgeon)03.04.2016
9315of 2015-16Asst. Professor in Neurology29.03.2016
9415of 2015-16Asst. Professor in Skin & V.D.29.03.2016
9515of 2015-16Asst. Professor in Urology30.03.2016
9615of 2015-16Asst. Professor in Endocrinology30.03.2016
9715of 2015-16Asst. Professor in Microbiology31.03.2016
9815of 2015-16Asst. Professor in Plastic Surgery31.03.2016
9901 of 2014-15Lecturer in Ayurvedic Medical Colleges27.03.2016
10006 of 2013-14Jr. Lecturer in Botany in OES (Group-B)15.03.2016 to
10111 of 2015-16Asst. Executive Engineer (Electrical)03.01.2016w.e.f. 04.03.2016
10215of 2015-16Asst. Professor in T.B.C.D.15.03.2016
10315of 2015-16Asst. Professor in Radio Therapy15.03.2016
10405 of 2013-14Lecturer in Geology21.03.2016
10505 of 2013-14Lecturer in Political Science14.03.2016
10615of 2015-16Asst. Professor in Surgical Gastroenterology16.03.2016
10704 of 2012-13Lecturer in PanchaKarma16.03.2016
10805 of 2013-14Lecturer in Psychology02.03.2016
10905 of 2013-14Lecturer in Mathematics02.03.2016
11006 of 2013-14Jr. Lecturer in Chemistry23.02.2016 to 25.02.2016
11107 of 2014-15OJS Examination-201522.02.2016 &
11209 of 2015-16Asst. Agriculture Officer25.02.2016 &
11305 of 2011-12Odisha Civil Services Examination-2011Main Exam held from 06.09.2014 to 30.09.2014
Preliminary Exam. held on 19.01.2014
w.e.f. 12.01.2016 to 20.02.2016
11406 of 2013-14Jr. Lecturer in Englishw.e.f 29.01.2016
11506 of 2013-14Jr. Lecturer in Educationw.e.f 07.01.2016
11603 of 2015-16Asst. Executive Engineer (Civil & Mechanical)held on 30.08.2015w.e.f. 15.12.2015
11706 of 2015-16Special Recruitment of Asst. Section OfficerSkill Test held on 14.12.2015
11805 of 2013-14Lecturer in Hindi05.12.2015
11908 of 2012-13Asst. Section Officer29.11.2015 & 30.11.2015
12006 of 2013-14Jr. Lecturer in Economicsheld from 19.10.2014 to 21.10.201413.10.2015 onwards
12105 of 2012-13Lecturer in 7disciplines of Utkal Sangeet Mahavidyalaya05.07.201514.10.2015 to 17.10.2015
12220 of 2013-14Leturer in Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering19.10.2015
12305 of 2013-14Lecturer in Commerce (College Branch)28.10.2015 onwards
12406 of 2013-14Jr. Lecturer in Political Scienceheld from 19.10.2014 to 21.10.201429.10.2015 to 31.10.2015
12506 of 2013-14Jr. Lecturer in Sociologyheld from 19.10.2014 to 21.10.2014w.e. 02.11.2015
12607 of 2014-15Odisha Judicial Service Main Written Examination-2015Main Examination will be held from 02.11.2015 to 05.11.2015
12706 of 2013-14Jr. Lecturer in Geologyheld from 19.10.2014 to 21.10.201405.11.2015
12805 of 2013-14Lecturer in History05.11.2015
12920 of 2013-14Lecturer in Computer Science & Engineering06.11.2015
13005 of 2015-16Asst. Fisheries Officer05.10.2015 to 09.10.2015
13121 of 2013-14Scientific Officer in Ballistics13.10.2015
13206 of 2013-14Jr. Lecturer in Historyheld from 19.10.2014 to 21.10.201425.09.2015 to 30.09.2015
13305 of 2013-14Lecturer in Economics (College Branch)29.09.2015 &
13405 of 2013-14Lecturer in English (College Branch)28.09.2015
13520 of 2013-14Lecturer in Information Technology in OTE & TS Cadre25.09.2015
& 26.09.2015
13620 of 2013-14Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering in OTE & TS Cadre16.09.2015 to 23.09.2015
13721 of 2013-14Scientific Officer in Physics15.09.2015
13802 of 2014-15Jr. Assistant for Office of OPSCPractical Test held on 13.09.2015
13920 of 2013-14Lecturer in ETC in OTE & TS Cadre07.09.2015 onwards
14007 of 2014-15OJS-2015
Fresh Prelims as per orders of the Hon’ble High Court of Orissa
14104 of 2015-16Asst. Prof in Psychiatric Social Work01.09.2015
14204 of 2015-16Psychiatric Social Worker01.09.2015
14317 of 2013-14Tourist Officer30.08.2015
14403 of 2015-16Asst. Executive Engineer (Civil & Mechanical)30.08.2015
14520 of 2013-14Lecturer in Geology in OTE & TS Cadre31.08.2015
14602 of 2015-16Asst. Horticulture Officerw.e.f.10.08.2015
14720 of 2013-14Lecturer in Electrical Engineering in OTE & TS Cadrew.e.f.19.08.2015
14806 of 2013-14Junior Lecturer in Statistics24.08.2015
14906 of 2013-14Junior Lecturer in Geography25.08.2015
15006 of 2013-14Junior Lecturer in Home Science26.08.2015 &
15106 of 2013-14Junior Lecturer in Hindi28.08.2015 &
15221 of 2013-14SCIENTIFIC OFFICER (Chemistry)05.08.2015
15306 of 2013-14Junior Lecturer in Anthropology06.08.2015 &
15406 of 2015-16Spl Recruitment of Asst. Section Officer26.07.2015 &
15520 of 2013-14Lecturer in Chemical Engineering in OTE & TS Cadre22.07.2015
15621 of 2013-14SCIENTIFIC OFFICER (Biology)14.07.2015
157Notification No. 2327/PSC Dt.26.5.15Asst. Professor in different disciplines (Asper order of the
15820 of 2013-14Lecturer in Metallurgy in OTE & TS Cadre10.07.2015
15905 of 2013-14Lecturer in Zoology in Odisha Education Service06.07.2015
16005 of 2012-13Lecturer in Utkal Sangeet Mahavidyalaya05.07.2015
16120 of 2013-14Lecturer in Mining Engineering in OTE & TS Cadre30.06.2015
16220 of 2013-14Lecturer in Civil Engineering in OTE & TS Cadre23.06.2015
16303 of 2014-15Odisha Education Service (School Branch)27.06.2015 & 28.06.2015
16420 of 2013-14Lecturer in Automobile Engineeringin OTE & TS Cadre10.06.2015
16507 of 2014-15OJS Preliminary Examination-201531.05.2015
16620 of 2013-14Lecturer in Geology in OTE & TS Cadre09.06.2015
16721 of 2013-14SCIENTIFIC OFFICER (Toxicology)08.06.2015
16809 of 2011-12Junior Lecturer in History08.02.2013 &
20.05.2015 &
16905 of 2013-14Lecturer in Physics in O.E.S.18.05.2015 &
17005 of 2014-15Asst. Director (Technical)12.05.2015
17105 of 2013-14Lecturer in CHEMISTRY in OES College Branch17.03.2015 onwards
17206 of 2014-15Special Recruitment of Asst. Agriculture Officer17.03.2015 , 18.03.2015 & 19.03.2015
17321 OF 2013-14SCIENTIFIC OFFICER (Lie Detection)25.03.2015
17423 of 2013-14Dental Surgeon29.03.2015
17518 of 2013-14Ayurvedic Medical Officer12.04.2015
17621 OF 2013-14SCIENTIFIC OFFICER (SEROLOGY)25.02.2015
17705 of 2013-14Lecturer in BOTANY in OES College Branch27.02.2015
17805 of 2013-14Lecturer in Statistics in OES College Branch10.02.2015
17905 of 2013-14Lecturer in Anthropology in OES College Branch21.01.2015 &
18005 of 2013-14Lecturer in Home Science in OES College Branch31.01.2015
18105 of 2013-14Lecturer in URDU in OES College Branch03.02.2015
18209 of 2013-14Asst. Director of Textiles26.08.201402.01.2015
18310 of 2013-14Additional Public Prosecutor30.10.2014 & 31.10.201415.01.2015
18411 of 2013-14Asst. Public Prosecutor26.08.2014 & 27.08.201406.01.2015 &
18520 of 2013-14Lecturer in Mathematics in O.T.E. & T.S. Cadre23.12.2014, 24.12.2014, 26.12.2014 & 27.12.2014
18619 of 2013-14Homeopathic Medical Officer21.12.2014
18704 of 2014-15Special Recruitment of Asst . Agriculture Engineer20.12.2014
18820 of 2013-14Lecturer in Physics in O.T.E. & T.S. Cadre11.11.2014 to 14.11.2014
18920 of 2013-14Lecturer in English in O.T.E. & T.S. Cadre16.12.2014 to 18.12.2014
19006 of 2013-14Junior Lecturer in different disciplines19.10.2014, 20.10.2014 & 21.10.2014
19120 of 2013-14Lecturer in Chemistry in O.T.E. & T.S. Cadre15.10.2014 to 18.10.2014
19205 of 2011-12Odisha Civil Services ExaminationMain Exam held from 06.09.2014 to 30.09.2014
Preliminary Exam. held on 19.01.2014
19315 of 2013-14Asst . Agriculture Officer24.09.2014 to 27.09.2014
19414 of 2013-14Scientific Officer (in DNA unit)
19524 of 2013-14Odisha Judicial Service ExaminationMain Written Exam held from 04.08.2014 to 07.08.2014 Preliminary Exam. held on 19.01.201428.10.2014 to 31.10.2014
22 of 2013-14
Lecturers in Physical Education
19712 of 2013-14Drugs Inspector
Computer Based Recruitment Test held on 01.06.2014
19806 of 2011-12Asst. Surgeon (as per interim orders of the O.A.T. in O.A. No. 518/2012)12.05.2014 to 20.05.2014
19916 of 2013-14Assistant Professor in Psychiatry Nursing15.04.2014
20003 of 2013-14Veterinary Assistant Surgeon, Class-II (Group-B) of
Odisha Veterinary Service
24.11.2013Date not Fixed.
20102 of 2013-14Mining Officer10.02.2014 & 11.02.2014
20308 of 2012-13ASST. SECTION OFFICERDate not FixedNo Interview
20408 of 2013-14Public Prosecutor29.12.2013 & 30.12.2013Date not Fixed
20515 of 2012-13
Odisha Judicial Service
Preliminary Written Examination held on 29.05.2013

Main Written Exam held from 27.07.2013 to 31.07.2013

23.10.2013 to 26.10.2013
20604 of 2013-14
Clinical Psychologist
20701 of 2013-14
Special Recruitment to the post of Scientific Officer (for S.T. & S.C. candidates only) in (Group-B) of Odisha Forensic Science Service Cadre
17.09.2013 &
20809 of 2011-12
Junior Lecturer Under Odisha Education Service
08.02.2013 & 09.02.2013

Interview in 10 disciplines(Chemistry, Commerce, English, Hindi, Home Science, Logic and Philosophy, Physics, Pol. Science, Sanskrit, Statistics) held from 12.08.2013 to 05.09.2013.
Interview in 8 discipline(Anthropology, Botany, Economics, Education, Mathematics, Odia, Psychology, Zoology) held from 25.06.2013 to 27.06.2013

20903 of 2012-13
Lecturers in different disciplines of the Art & Crafts Colleges
05.05.201306.09.2013 &
21002 of 2012-13
Assistant Engineer (Electrical) of
Odisha Engineering Service
17.03.201301.07.2013 to
21109 of 2012-13
Geophysicist of Odisha Mining and Geology Service
21210 of 2012-13
Geologist of Odisha Mining and Geology Service
4th,5th & 6th April 2013
21307 of 2012-13
Assistant Agriculture Officer of Odisha Agriculture and
Food Production Service
09.04.2013 to 24.04.2013

OPSC Time Table 2018

The OPSC conducts exams for recruiting candidates in to various jobs of state service sector like Civil Services, Forest Services, Engineering Services, ADPO, Assistant Professor, Veterinary Officer, Dev Block Officer and others in various state service departments. The selection is through exam and the dates of all important exams are notified in exam calendar of OPSC. The dates of exam including preliminary, mains and also the dates of interviews are clearly notified in the Academic Dates of OPSC. Candidates need to download the OPSC exam calendar.

Download OPSC Annual Calendar Official Notification

  1. The candidates need to visit the official website
  2. Then they have to click on the notification section.
  3. There the OPSC Exam Calendar 2018-19 will be displayed and the candidates need to click on the link
  4. The candidates then can download the exam calendar shown on the screen
  5. Candidates need to take a print out of the exam calendar for further reference.

By following the above said steps candidates can download the Odisha PSC Academic Calendar 2019. Candidates can download the OPSC Calendar from the link provided below to get detailed information regarding the dates of commencement of exam, notification related to the posts where vacancies are there, etc.

Odisha PSC Exam Calendar 2018-19

Aspirants who are in search of OPSC Calendar can download it from this page. Applicants can download Time Examination table Preview in this page from the link provided below. Candidates who are preparing for the Odisha Public Service Commission exam with all efforts can download the OPSC time table 2018 by visiting the official website or this page or they can have access to the OPSC annual calendar in this page.