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JEE mains 2019 Preparation tips and study materials. Check JEE Mains 2019 Preparation Tips last 90 days studying before exam. Crack JEE Mains exam start Preparation 2019 here complete guide step by step. If you are just starting your preparation for the JEE main Exam 2019, then you should first know the ways that can possibly help you to make the preparation a better one. How to get prepared for this JEE Mains exam 2019? How you can crack it? Well, getting answer to all these questions can really help you to make your preparation for the JEE Main 2019 a better and result oriented one. There are a few tips that you need to follow now in order to get prepared for this exam in a better and distinct manner. Keep in mind that this time also the competition level will remain stiff, as many students are going to appear for this exam. So, you need to have proper preparation for the exam and this can be only done when you have the previous year question papers, model papers and sample papers with answers at your disposal.

JEE Main Tips 2019

Once you practice these question papers, you can grow in confidence to appear the JEE main 2019 exam with a different approach. There are also some strategies to follow in order to crack this exam. You also need to cover certain important topics like chemistry, physics and mathematics in order to make your preparation for this exam a better one. There is just 3 months left for this exam this year and students getting prepared for it must be at the verge of completing their courses. Some of them might have started the revision as well. Candidates can also have a look on JEE Mains Syllabus and Exam Pattern 2019 complete topic wise important Questions related advice is given here. In addition, some of them must be looking for the mock tests. No matter what sort of test you are planning to go for, that needs to be followed with an extensive test analysis so that you can know more about your weak areas. In this regard, you can even follow a plan to make your preparation better this time.

Begin with parts that you know: Never start studying for the exams with parts that you do not know. It’s suggested to study parts that you know. It’s recommended to divide parts that you know among parts you do not know so you do not feel bored when studying for the exams. JEE mains online preparation, cracking tips and study materials is updated here.

Write questions of the previous years’ exams: first thing that you have to know is what are important parts of a subject, and fastest way you can know is by writing questions of the previous years’ exams. By writing questions for three to five exams from the previous years, can give you deep insight about subject or what are parts you must focus on.

JEE Mains 2019 Preparation Tips

JEE Mains 2018 preparation

Organize time between the subjects 2 weeks before your exams: Each year there are hard and long subjects and there’re subjects, which are easy and short. Organize your time between every subject so you exactly know what time every subject consumes. Example, put three days for math and physics, two days for chemistry & one day for English subject, it can help you to finish all subjects in required time. JEE mains 2019 preparation tips complete guide is given over here read the complete articles first. JEE mains admit card or hall ticket 2019 procedure to download roll number wise. You need to switch to other subject in required time even though you did not finish studying previous subject. For this reason, it is very important to put sufficient time to organize the studying schedule for JEE main 2018. JEE Advance Preparation tips to score maximum marks in academic year 2018. Crack JEE Advance 2018 with few studies complete guide step by step.

Study next subject you may have exam in: you might think of studying subject of an exam after the next exam as you have extra time. Doing this will confuse you when solving the next exam, thus it is good not to do study for exam that is after the next exam and not get confused. Stressful times for the student is around the exam time thus learning to study for exam is the valuable tool that the students require. JEE mains sample model Question papers download in pdf from link given below. IIT JEE mains mock test online candidates can test their skills and check the score. Here we will give student tips at how to get good grades on the JEE exams and increase the study speed. Just imagine feeling of getting grades that you have wanted. Impress family, yourself whatever motivation run in it. JEE mains engineering entrance exams preparation tips and study materials are given here.

Crack JEE Mains Exam 2019 – 90 Days

My First suggestion is to know what is very important when you’re preparing for JEE Mains 2019 exam, and know how to spend time on. By making educated guess is a wrong strategy. JEE Mains Cut off marks is available here candidates can also check JEE mains previous year papers and analysis 2019 complete details here. Crack JEE mains 2019 exam within 3 months complete steps is provided here. You need to pay close attention at what teacher told was important & what was given in detail in the class.  Academic world is now becoming very tough by day and the students have homework, exams, project, assignments, and many co-curricular & extracurricular activities to look after. Although students are well prepared for the exam, they might not score very well and it is perhaps because of improper planning. So, here are some tips that will help the students to prepare for the IIT JEE main 2018  better & ace them.

JEE Mains 2019 Preparation plan

Well Jan to Feb is the right time when you can do the revision like task. You need to go for the revision subject wise. During this time you need to cover all the important chapters of all the important subjects. During this revision time, you can take help of your teachers as well as experts in order to plug those loopholes that can create problem for you. JEE Mains 2019 Online Notification is going to be released further to stay updated book marks this page.

During the month of Mar to Apr, you need to opt for the JEE mains mock tests. This is the right time when you need to go for an extensive analysis of each paper. This will help you to detect the mistakes and further you can avoid them during the main entrance of JEE. During these months you can also get a proper time gap due to the Board exam. So, this time gap needs to be utilized properly and wisely so that you can cater to the needs associated with both the board and IIT JEE exam.

There might be some repeater students as well for the JEE main 2019 exam. Well, these students should select the systematic revision that includes rigorous testing which is based on chapter wise and concept wise tests. They can also go for the mock tests conducted by reliable sources.

Important Tips for JEE Mains exam.

  1. Don’t Spoil and Crook reading many books !!

Don’t Spoil and Crook reading many books !!

2. Know your Strength and weakness.

Know your Strength and weakness.

3.Try Solving JEE Mains Previous year papers.

Try Solving JEE Mains Previous year papers.

4.Start Studying Regular and make weekly timetable.

Start Studying Regular and make weekly timetable.

5.Don’t take too much Stress before Exams.

Don’t take too much Stress before Exams.

6.Revise each formulas & memorize it.

Revise each formulas & memorize it.

7.Stay Healthy and Calm !!

Stay Healthy and Calm !!

8.While Solving Each Question try to solve without reference.

While Solving Each Question try to solve without reference.

9.Don’t use calculators while solving.

Don’t use calculators while solving.

10.Speed and Accuracy Matters.Speed and Accuracy Matters.


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