HPPSC Assistant Engineer Syllabus pdf is available. Download Himachal Pradesh Assistant Engineer syllabus and exam pattern discussed here.

HPPSC Assistant Engineer Syllabus

HPPSC Assistant Engineer Syllabus

For all those candidates who have registered already or are planning to register for the Examination that takes place for the selection of candidates for the vacant post of Assistant Engineer in the state of Himachal Pradesh are to be hereby informed that the syllabus for the above mentioned examination is published by the Himachal Pradesh Public Service Commission that is for Assistant electrical Engineer. All the interested candidates who are aware of the whole procedure should download the syllabus so that helps them in acquiring knowledge and awareness of what all is entailed in the examination that is undertaking place.

The Himachal Pradesh Public Service Commission had recently provided information and notifications regarding the vacant posts that are available for the designation of Assistant Electrical Engineer. In order to apply for this particular examination, many valid applications were submitted regarding the post. To clear out the dilemma, the authority has decided to conduct an objective type of examination in order to shortlist the candidates who have scored meritoriously in this particular examination. In order to get selected for the further procedures, the candidates must clear the selection test with highest marks possible in order to get shortlisted for the Interview round of this particular examination which will be conducted by the HPPSC authority.

HPPSC Assistant Electrical Engineer Syllabus

Most of the candidates who have registered for his exam may have done so out of just mere interest and curiosity and might not know the pattern in which the question paper will be formed. For those candidates, it is hereby informed that the question paper will be objective type that is the questions will be either Multiple Choice Questions or One word Answer questions. For finer details regarding this, the candidates can log on to the official website of HPPSC so that they will have a fair idea of what it is exactly that they are getting into.

HPPSC Assistant Engineer Syllabus 2018

The syllabus for this HPPSC Assistant Engineer syllabus 2018 exam is as given below. Aspiarants are required to study all those subjects before they appear for exam. By solving HPPSC assistant engineer previous year papers you will get to know the important aspects of exam.

Basic Concepts

  • Concepts of voltage, power, current, energy and their limits
  • Concept of inductance, capacitance, resistance and other various factors that affect them

Circuit Law

  • Simple Circuit solutions that should be found out network theorems
  • Kirchhoff’s Law

Magnetic Circuits

  • Electromagnetic Induction, Self as well as mutual Induction
  • Concepts related to MMF, flux, Different kinds of magnetic materials, magnetic calculations and reluctance

AC Fundamentals

  • Poly phase System – 3 phase power, Star and delta connection, DC and sinusoidal response of RL and RC circuit

Measurement and Measuring Instruments

  • Measurement of power and energy, two wattmeter method of 3 phase power measurement
  • Ammeter and Voltmeter
  • Measurement of frequency and phase angle
  • Megger, Multimeters, Energy meter AC Bridges
  • Extension of range voltmeter
  • Earth Fault Detection
  • Use of CRO, CT, PT, Signal generator and their applications as well

Electrical Machines

  • 1 phase and 3 phase transformers
  • C. machine
  • Parallel Operation of 1 phase/ 3 phase transformers
  • Characteristics and applications
  • 3 phase induction motors
  • Starting of applications of synchronous motors
  • Synchronous Machines

Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution

  • Power factor Improvement
  • Different types of power stations
  • switch gear
  • Cable; Different types of cables, cable rating and derating factor

Estimation and Costing

  • Earthing practices and IE rules
  • Estimation of electrical installation of machines, lighting scheme and other relevant IE rules

Utilization of Electrical Energy

  • Electroplating, Electric Welding
  • Illumination, Electric heating
  • Electrical drives and motors

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