How to Crack a Bank Interview 2018 for freshers in pdf. Banking Interview Last Minute Tips for Interview, some Do’s and Don’ts while you go for Bank Interview.

Get to know the Tips to crack a bank interview. Here you can download tips to crack a bank interview. Download the interview tips to get placed in a bank.

Tips to crack the Bank Interview

Crack Bank Interview

The banking sector in India has gained lot of prominence. The expansion of the banking sector has seen a wide range growth during the post independence period. Arraying the growth of the sector it happened that the banks need more employees to cope with the demand from public and serve them.

Banking sector is the important service sector job and people wish to get jobs in banks which would secure their future and hence the competition for banking jobs has also increased rapidly. The banking sector jobs are filled by various examinations like SSC, IBPS, PSC’s, RRB, LIC etc. The respective competent authorities firstly notify the advertisement inviting candidates to apply for the jobs. Later the candidates need to give the examination and later on the candidates who given their best and got the best marks in the examination will be called  for the Bank Interview round and there the candidates will be selected for the jobs and hence interview is the last deciding stage for an individual to get a job. So interviews are very important and candidates need to be very cautious with the bank interview round and they have to prepare well for the bank interview to get a job.

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How to crack Bank Interview pdf

It takes only a few seconds for a recruiter to reject your candidature if your resume fails to make that first impression. Thus, it is important to succinctly outline your career objective, work experience, projects, training, personal strengths and so on. So candidates need to be bold and clear about their thoughts and should communicate it very clearly. This would be an intelligent way of providing not-so-common information in your resume as interviewers prefer to question on the information provided. Hence your resume plays an important role. So make sure you place good and great resume which communicates what you are very clearly. Here we provide some tips to crack a bank interview

How to Crack Bank Interview for freshers

  • Good, clean attire and appeasing gesture
  • Good command over language
  • Presence of mind
  • Patience
  • Honesty and good work ethics
  • Speak your heart
  • Be confident enough
  • Be bold and clear while you speak

Things you need to take care of with dressing

  • The right choice of clothes is an extremely important part of the interview.
  • Do not wear loud colors and inappropriately matched clothes
  • Do not use strong perfumes and deodorants.
  • The dress should be neat and clean

Etiquette to Crack the Bank Interview

  1. The individuals should ask permission to enter
  2. Greet or Shake hands with the panel (if they are in your reach), introducing yourself with a smile.
  3. After formal introduction one should ask permission to sit down
  4. Very politely one have to offer the panel a copy of your bio-data each and your certificates, if any
  5. Should carry a pen, some blank paper

Do’s and Don’ts during interview


  • Reach interview venue on time.
  • Make yourself calm and comfortable while you are waiting outside
  • When your interview call comes knock he door softly and take permission of the board for entry like
    Sir… Please may I come in. When interviewer say come in , say thank you after permission.
  • Softly close the door and wish the board with gentle standing posture.
  • If there is any female in board, then wish her first.
  • Remember time carefully and wish accordingly good morning, good afternoon or good evening.
  • Before 12 o’clock Good Morning
  • Between 124 Good afternoon
  • After Pm Good evening
  • Wait till board asks/permits you to sit and say thanks before sitting.
  • Make your eye contact with the board
  • Voice must be Clear/Audible/Humble and polite.
  • Give answers confidently.
  • Be positive, honest and be yourself
  • Always say thank you sir when board informs/ corrects you any where.
  • When you are unable to answer any question say
  • Sorry sir I do not know or say I’m unable to recall at the movement, sorry sir.
  • Sit in straight posture with hands in your lap/thigh. Avoid fidgeting and slouching
  • Take care of voice modulation.
  • When board say thanks your interview is over
  • Thank you sir.. Have a nice day(before 4 PM)


  • Avoid hand movement.
  • Avoid looking up and down.
  • Avoid hiding eyes it shows lack of confidence.
  • Don’t make excuses. Take responsibility for your decisions and your actions.
  • Do not make negative comments about your previous employer.
  • Do not treat the interview casually, as if you are just shopping around or doing the interview for practice.
  • Do not give impression that you are interested in particular location only and not talk about salary and perks until the subject brought by interviewer.
  • Don’t assume that female interviewer is Mrs. or Miss. Address her as madam unless told otherwise.
  • Don’t allow your cell phone to ring during interview. (If it does, apologize quickly and ignore it).
  • Do not try to defend yourself in wrong answers.
  • Don’t forget to wish the board.
  • Don’t sit until the board asks to do so.
  • Don’t smoke before interview or chew gum during interview.
  • Never put your file or hand on table.
  • Don’t show irritation while board asks questions.
  • Do not make noise while sitting and leaving the chair.
  • Never ask questions to the Board.

Tips for Bank Interview IBPS, Railway, SSC, PSC

Candidates will be asked very formal questions and candidates should not take the panel for granted and should think twice while he answers. Questions like the interviewers asking about you and your hobbies and extra circular activities will be asked and one has answer very clearly and the answer should be polite and clear. You need to read top 8 tips to read Bank Interview for freshers and experience both. IBPS clerk preparation is detailed here.

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While asked some questions regarding some sensitive issues candidates need to keep in mind while answering that he should not be very controversial while answering and should be balanced while he answers such questions.

The knowledge on specific subjects and general awareness and current affairs is also needed. But to project your knowledge good communication skills is needed.

Hope these tips will help you crack bank interview.

Knowledge of Banking Sector

You should know the work profile of a Probationary Officer, his role, powers etc.

You should be able to explain how your past experiences (Education/Work/Extra Curricular) have made you realized the this is what wanted to do all the time and how that knowledge will help you work in a better way

The reason cannot be that this is a stable, good paying job that’s why you are joining it

Knowledge of Banking Industry, Economic news

  • Need to know the History and general knowledge questions on Bank that you are appearing for
  • One needs to study the Roles and functioning of a Bank
  • An analytical approach of the Products and Schemes of Banks
  • One needs to know the hierarchy in Banking Industry
  • Information regarding Regulatory Bodies in India
  • The Terminologies
  • Basic Definitions
  • Current Banking and Economy Related News

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